When we enter the interior of the beauty center project, which has more modern and sharp lines on the exterior, a different and surprising place welcomes us. Adopting fluidity as the fundamental principle ensures a seamless transition between spaces with other functions. By offering additional space to the customers, it has been tried to provide a calm experience with the natural colors and simplicity in the design. We pass by the olive tree that welcomes us at the entrance and reach the reception area. With the walls guiding us, we emplace the hair and nail areas on the ground floor. Thanks to the easy transition between all spaces, the maximum level of comfort is aimed for the customers.


: In the Büyükçekmece villa project, we designed the exterior and interior as a whole with the same style and similar details. We see a more modern style and sharp lines on the exterior. Still, we enriched the modern style in the interior design by using fine details, different materials and colors, and accessories. Considering the comfort and wishes of the individuals who will live in this project, which has a modern style in its entirety, we designed a winter garden, terrace, spa, and living spaces.


In the London project we consulted, we designed it by focusing on simplicity and ergonomics by considering the Modern style. To create this residential project, we chose a color palette of plain and natural tones. In addition, we enriched the project by making modern touches with raw materials such as wood and leather in our designs. The London project, which is a residential project, includes the entrance, living room, master bedroom, and bedrooms. We have handled all these spaces as a whole with similar touches and completed their designs.