We have completed the design phase of the Tarabya mansion project, which is located in the favorite place of Istanbul. There are separate spaces such as offices and restaurants in the Tarabya mansion project. We have designed two different areas in a similar classic and flamboyant style as a whole so they looks like complete each other.


The project's aim, which consists of 6 villas and 1 mansion, was to use the sloping land with maximum efficiency and to be in harmony with the buildings. In the project where the lake view is essential, all the buildings are oriented toward the lake, and the entrance and the lake are connected to each other in an uninterrupted way. Various open and semi-open spaces have been tried to be provided to users by designing spaces with different functions at different levels. The social facility, which is connected to the basement of the main mansion, can be used by the entire site. The middle of this building, which has a fragmented structure, was opened and used as a private courtyard.


The Qatar villa project's exterior, consisting of two villas, was designed with a focus on modern and sharp lines. Materials such as natural stones, glass, and metal were used for the exterior design. The lighting in the exterior and the different forms of metals surrounding the glass created a modern design. In the interior design, the flamboyant and modern style on the exterior continues. The high and ostentatious stairs are supported by ceiling lighting and led lights. At the same time, in the living room, similar tones and complementary materials such as marble, which is a long and ostentatious natural stone, are used.