We have completed the design and implementation of the Yedimavi project, highlighting the more traditional modern style while designing this project. The highlights of this style are the sophistication, flowery details, and smooth and detailed curves of classical interior designs. The primary materials used are natural wood, gilded details, and plaster. It is enriched with furniture and items as well as tables and accessories.


We completed the design and implementation of the Büyükyalı project. We made more traditional designs according to the requests in this project. Furniture and accessories took their place in the same style. In the Classical style of the interior, magnificence and details are essential. Based on this, we enriched our design with accessories and antique objects in our Büyükyalı project.


We implemented the head office of the Bella Maison brand in Istanbul. There are offices, meeting rooms and cafes in the 1000 square meters area. We aim to design and application people can work with fun here. The project looks so comfortable and elegant with modern touches.